How to get your dream job without depending on online job portals 

No Fluff, Just point-shooter style practical steps from a guy who's helped more than 3k professionals to get the Job


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Join this "first of its kind" LIVE masterclass designed to transform you into a highly paid employee - even if you have no prior experience how to clear the right interview at the right time.


In This Training, You'll Discover...

                         Secret #1
Why you do not need to spend too much time on Job Portals?

                        Secret #2
Why most of the people are not getting call back from the recruiter?

                            Secret #3
Why most of the resumes are getting rejected?

Meet your Host

Amar Pratap

Amar Pratap is the founder of the Sahyog Charitable Foundation and the Co-Founder of Dream Career Hub (India’s leading career hub to help the Job seekers in terms of better start of the career and to help them to grow in their career in a strategic and planned manner).

 As an acclaimed Career Growth seekers and job seekers, Amar Pratap has trained over 3,000+ people in the last 5 years.

Nominated as “INDIA’s NEXT MOTIVATIONAL SPEAKER” in Success Gyan Reality show. Trained over 2600+ Individuals in association with Career Development College of London and Mentor2Go.

Wearing multiple hats, He is a husband of a loving wife, a proud son of lovely parents, a minimalist, futurist , YouTuber who has published over 100+ videos, as well as a podcast host!

He is on a mission to help 1,00,000 Job Seekers to achieve career growth using Dream Job Blueprint.  

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